Bright mindS (Soft Skills for School goers)


The World Health Organization and UNICEF have both accepted and decreed life skills as an integral component of quality education. It is recognized as a basic learning need for all children and youth.

In fact, WHO recommended a module comprising ten life skills – stress management, problem solving, communication skills, emotions management, creative thinking, self-awareness, interpersonal skills, empathy, decision making, and critical thinking – to every school worldwide to incorporate into the mainstream academic curriculum. (Source: Education World, October 2005).

UNICEF too defines life skills, catalogues studies that have evaluated skills-based programmes, and provides practical tools and materials for schools to introduce life skills education into their curriculum. (Source:

Our years of experience in working with and consulting different corporates as well as providing Training solutions to different organizations and institutions has enlightened us with the needs of the professional world. There is a need for a positive and adaptive behaviour that enable individuals to deal effectively with the demands and changes of everyday life.

Keeping in mind the importance of life skills training, with over 15 years of research, we have developed a workshop model which is a continuous learning process. It has been named “Bright mindS”. A soft skills training program for school goers, that is interesting and helps in holistic development. Among other things, this program helps in nurturing confidence, etiquettes, cooperation, team-work, leadership, passion, reasoning capability, logical thinking, patriotism and various brain development exercises.

It contains amongst others modules like - Developing Communication Skills, Improving Concentration, Improving Listening skills, Decision Making, Managing Time, Team Work, Developing Leadership skills, Problem Solving, Stress removal, Creative thinking, following social etiquettes, building self awareness, goal setting, managing emotions etc.

The benefits are endless. A sharp and creative mind can think better, and remember more things. So there is a gradual improvement in studies, and later in professional world and all other areas of life. But what is most important is the fulfilment of dreams! A fit mind can create all the required solutions and can find the way to attain one’s goals!

Our school programmes scheduling are customized according to the needs and possible time allotments in each Institution. The program comprises a total of 24 hours per class/level per academic session.