Programs for Individuals

There are various courses that an individual can enroll for in our training centers

We strongly believe that the journey of life for each individual is unique, therfore the training offered to individuals at IITM continues for an individual student until the day the concerned student is satisfied that they have learnt what they paid for. Though the courses are of average duration upto 20 sessions mostly, a student can continue with the course until they feel confident. This is probably an unique offer available only through us.

For all courses for individuals offered at our training centers, you need to register by paying a token amount; attend 5-6 sessions and only if you are satisfied with the quality and standard of our training services then you pay the balance course fee to continue learning until you are satisfied that you have learnt what you paid for.

This program is designed to help young ladies to improve their fluency in English, improve their personality, become more tech savvy (understand more about computers and mobiles), help younger children with their studies and project works, be able to present themselves in a better manner in social circle, appear for job interview......
Eligibility: at least class 12 passed + ability to read and write English
Duration: 16 session of 2 hours each + additional 4 sessions (if needed)
Fees: ₹ 1500 + ₹3000 = ₹4500
YEP (Young Executive Program) /Campus to Corporate
A true time tested Campus to Corporate /CRT (Campus Recruitment Training) / Pre-placement Training program specially designed for engineering students appearing for campus selection is customised for non-engineering students. It contains modules like Business Communication, Communicative E0lish, Personal Grooming, Goal Setting, Assertiveness, Presentation Skills, Positive Thinking, Improving Listening Skills, GD and Interview handling skills,Aptitude tests, etc. This program helps students become more confident to face selection process of a variety of recruiting companies.
Duration: 16 session of 2 hours each + additional 4 sessions (if needed)
Eligibility: BBA/BCA/MBA/MCA/ BTech/BE students - completed 2nd Sem (BBA/BCA/MBA/MCA) / 4th sem - 6th Sem (BTech/BE) / graduates.
Fees: contact your local IITM Center
Fees: ₹ 1500 + ₹3000 = ₹4500
Personality Development and grooming

Personality is the sum total of memories and incidents in an individual’s entire life span. Environmental factors, family background, financial conditions, genetic factors, situations and circumstances also contribute to an individual’s personality. Personality development is the process relatively enduring pattern of the thoughts, feelings, and behaviors that distinguish individuals from each other. The dominant viewpoint in personality psychology indicates that personality emerges early and continues to develop across one's lifespan. In a layman’s language, how we behave in our day to day lives reflects our personality.

This program is designed to help develop a positive mindset, improve articulationa and communication skills of a person, help setting in life goals, motivate, guide, help in personal grooming improve overall personality & social skills of the person. It helps in improving body language, postures and styling while improving fluency in English.
Eligibility: at least class 12 passed
Fees: ₹ 1500 + ₹3000 = ₹4500

ICL-1 (Spoken English)
International Communicative Language – level 1 commonly referred to as Spoken English course helps the participants to comfortably use English language for day to day communication. This course focuses on improving the fluency of a student, improving English vocabulary, articulation and sentence formations in English
Duration: 12 - 16 sessions x 2hrs approximately. Additional 4 sessions may be provided for weaker students.
Eligibility: Class 10 passed or appeared. Age no bar, ability to read and write in English.
Fees: ₹ 1500 + ₹3000 = ₹4500
ICL-2 (International Communicative Language – level 2)
Prepares the participants for usage of English language for Business communication, email, professional presentations. Beyond the content of ICL-1 this course also emphasies on developing the writing skills for the students.
Duration: 16 - sessions of 2 hours each
Eligibility: Class 10 passed or appeared in ICL – 1. Age no bar, ability to read and write in English, (entry through TEST only).
Fees: ₹ 1000 + ₹3000 = ₹4000
ICE 1 & 2 (International Competitive Edge)
A program specially designed with a perfect blend of IT & soft skills clubbed together to give the momentum needed to move ahead in this competitive world. It is for people who want to upgrade themselves and gain a competitive edge in the job market. Covering improving articulation, spoken English, basic computing (Word, Excel, PowerPoint, eMail, websearch) and Interview prepartion
Duration: 30 sessions
Eligibility: ability to read write and understand English
Fees: ₹ 2000 + ₹4000 = ₹6000
Rashtrabhasha 1 & 2 (Spoken Hindi)
A training program specially designed for those who want to improve their command over commonly spoken Hindi language. Lessons starts with introduction to Hindi alphabets and continues to sentence construction, pronunciation correction, articulation. This program is aimed at making people confident with basic communication in Hindi enabling them to read and speak HINDI.
The next level of this training program helps improve writing skills, communicating in Hindi as a professional, interview handling in Hindi.
Duration: 12 - 16 sessions of 2 hrs
Eligibility: Must be able to understand English / Bengali / Hindi / Nepali, preferably graduates.
Fees: ₹ 1500 + ₹3000 = ₹4500
Digital Marketing (Level-1)
A contemporary training program designed for those who want to improve their skills in the area of Digital Marketing (mapped to Google Certification) covering all necessary areas like Marketing Concepts, what is Digital Marketing, getting your business online, social media marketing (FB, Twitter, Linkedin, Instagram), Google Analytics, Google adwords, SEO, SEM, Key words match, on page/off page marketing.
The next level of this training helps improve SEO skills.
Duration: 20 sessions (+5 if needed)
Eligibility: Must be able to understand English (preferably graduates if seeking job).
Fees: ₹ 1500 + ₹3500 = ₹5000
Certificate in Soft Skills Training (T3)
This Train The Trainer program is for those aspiring trainers, HR Professionals who need to complete a certification in short duration or anybody desirous of improving their training competence. An abridged version of the diploma course; has 4 modules focussing mainly on Manpower Planning & Training, Training Methodology, Evaluation, Developing presentation and facilitation skills, using technology, adding activities to training. Train to become a motivational speaker (bonus publish your own book). This program requires a candidate to attend live classes (via video conference for candidates outside Kolkata); submit assignments and also give demonstrations.
Duration: 3 months
Eligibility: At least graduate
Fees:₹ 15,000/-