Certificates of IITM

This page is for Global Verification of certificates issued by IITM. To check the authenticity of your certificate kindly

1. Enter Certificate Number in the box given below.
2. For all valid certificates issued by IITM, a dummy image of certificate will popup
(the original certificate issued may vary in looks)
3. Currently you can verify the name, course name, duration, location, and issue date
4. Signature of Director and Course Coordinator differs depending on the course, location and issuing date
5. Some certificates has grades displayed in the original and details of their score in the back side of the certificate
6. Please note that original hard copy of certificates issued by IITM are embossed in the star stamp of IITM at the bottom of the certificate {not applicable to certificates awarded for online courses}.
7. Invalid Certificate numbers will display a regret message!

For any clarification regarding validity of certificates, please contact the HQ at Kolkata (India) or write to care@theiitm.com
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